WIKI Finger Dinosaur Toys for Kids – Best Gifts

  • Price : £14.99
  • Price : £14.99
  • Price : £14.99
  • Fantastic Experience: As long as grab your finger, it will be especially loyal to you and will never leave you easily.
  • High Quality : Made of high-quality materials, after four safety checks and thirteen impact tests, it greatly protects the durability of fingertip dinosaurs, making them very difficult to damage.
  • Children's Playmates: It can be used to team up with friends to play dinosaur distress story, or to play with relatives for a family event, used in any place.
  • Child Frendly Design : Specially designed suitable for child small hands, portable to carry in pocket and play everywhere.
  • The Best Gift for Boys and Girls: You can fix the dinosaur on your finger or put it on the table. When you touch the dinosaur's head, it can make a real scream like a dinosaur. It has a strong agility. which is not available in other brands.
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