Head Case

  • Price : 7.97

Liven up the office, a party or the family with Head Case. It's really very simple: Attach the basket to your head and see how many balls you can catch!

The balls are light and therefore unable to cause any harm. The basketball inspired game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Initiate some healthy competition. Who will hold the record for most balls caught?

A great gift idea for children and adults alike.

Arrives in funky, 1950's retro design box


  1. Head basket
  2. 20 plastic balls

  • Basketball-inspired party game for kids and adults
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Comes with a head basket and 20 plastic balls
  • One-size basket, fits all heads
  • Great gift for the office, basketball fans and fun-loving individuals
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