Kaleidoscope Classic

  • Price : 24.99

"Kaleidoscope classic - think creatively inside the square with this 2 in 1 puzzle. With 18 unique pieces there are 101 fascinating challenges in the included book - just to get you started. They range from simple to very difficult. All you need to do is spill the 18 pieces and then return them to the square frame ..sounds easy ...but make sure you have engaged your left brain, right brain, memory and creativity aspects of intellectual functioning...in other words put your thinking cap on. There is also the strategy game to play for 2-3 players called enKounter with 4 challenge game cards.Use your intuition, acumen and judgement to outplay, outscore and outsmart your opponent(s). Takes only minutes to learn and a lifetime to enjoy.. Promote strategic thinking and have fun in every square with this great puzzle that everyone can solve but no one can conquer ! age 6+ "

  • Winner of the Smart Toy of the Year 2006
  • baffling, brain teasing, addictive and exciting
  • 8 x 8 square board with 18 pieces
  • over 6,000 challenges varying in difficulty
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