Games – Star Wars – Jedi Force Levitator Toys New 15201

  • Price : £19.38
Size Name:Standard

Has your little Padawan been going around to every automatic door in the galaxy and waving his hand to open them up? Does she often wave her hands and say, "You don't want me to eat the broccoli..." hoping she'll put a Jedi mind trick on you? The Force has never quite worked in our galaxy... until now. With our Jedi Force Levitator, your young Jedi in training will believe in the power of the force, moving objects in mid-air! But they totally still have to eat their vegetables... - Jedi Training Rod - 8 Force Deflectors - Science Learning Poster in both English and Spanish

  • Size: Standard
  • Jedi Force Levitator
  • Jedi Training Rod is actually a Van de Graaf charge generator
  • Mylar force deflectors come in 3 different shapes
  • Uses electromagnetic discharge, AKA "static electricity," to move force deflectors
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