WILLBOND Chinese Lucky Coins Penny Fortune Cions Chinese Knot Feng Shui Coins Souvenir for Wealth, Success, Good Luck and Healthy

  • Price : 8.99

Chinese knot lucky coins penny fortune cions Chinese feng shui coins souvenir for wealth, success, good luck and healthy

Meaningful Chinese knot lucky coins:
The tied coin become a good luck charm for bringing prosperity and fortune to the holder, people believe it can attract wealthy and bring wealth and protection, this is really unique and practical gift for your friends and family.

Suitable occasions:
Chinese knot coins can be hang at the lobby, kitchen, door, office, cars and anywhere you want to, which also are great choices for outdoor travel, which means fortune, wealth, happiness and good luck always be with you.

Material: brass
Coins: 12 coins
Color: bronze
Small coin diameter: approx. 2.4 cm/ 0.94 inch
Big coin diameter: approx. 4.3 cm/ 1.69 inch
Total length: approx. 36 cm/ 14.2 inches

Package includes:
2 X 12 Coins Chinese knot lucky coins

  • Reliable material and good workmanship: Chinese lucky coins pendants are made of brass, unlike other zinc alloy, these Chinese knots are handmade and connect with lucky penny; Each Chinese knot lucky coin consist of 2 big coins and 10 small coins, these 12 coins combined with the auspicious red lucky knot of never ending good fortune, means wealth and happiness, can be stored and applied for the next year
  • Good meaning: Chinese knot coins imitate ancient Chinese coppers, sturdy and durable enough, this kind of coin is the currency of transaction in Qing-Dynasty, nowadays, it becomes lucky penny, means prosperity and good fortune, wealth, happiness, so it also called Chinese feng shui lucky coins
  • Where to use: you can place these good luck coins in the lobby, kitchen, door, office and cars, they are also great choices for outdoor travel, nice gift for yourself, family and friends, good luck always be with you
  • Dimension: the size of each small coin is approx. 2.4 cm/ 0.94 inch in diameter, the big coin diameter is approx. 4.3 cm/ 1.69 inch, and the whole feng shui coin approx. 36 cm/ 14.2 inches in length, easy for carry and use
  • What you will get: package includes 2 pieces Chinese knot lucky coins, people believe it can attract good luck and enhance positive for health and wealth, this meaningful Chinese souvenir is good gift to your friends and family
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