Smith’s Octopus Ceramic 3D Coffee Mug with Tentacle Handle (Pink)

  • Price : £19.98
  • Price : £19.98

What are the benefits of the Smith's Octopus Coffee Mug?

Start your morning off right with a cool cephalopod. The octopus is a creature that is surrounded by mystery, suspense and intrigue. These ocean dwellers are loved and feared around the world and the subject of many stories and myths, but Pinky and her brother Bluey are gentle souls who only want to share your morning beverage. This terrifyingly tentacled ceramic mug

measures 12 cm in height, the diameter is 9 cm, and features a convincingly bumpy tactile 3D design. Perfect for cephalopod collectors and Steampunk, Cthulhu and Jules Vern fans! Gift boxed and ready for giving!

What happens if I do not like my Smith's Octopus Coffee Mug?

If you are not satisfied with your Smith's Octopus Coffee Mug, we are happy to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your first month after purchase! No questions asked.

Why do we focus on Amazon "Verified Reviews?"

Amazon Verified Reviews provide you with an honest and truthful opinion. Good or bad, all of our reviews are unbiased and legitimate, but most importantly written by customers who have a verified purchase, meaning they have bought and used our product.

  • ★ DESIGN: Our 3D octopus design makes a great talkative piece and is guaranteed to catch peoples eye. The tentacles of the mug have a tactile feel while also acting as a handle and base to keep the mug sturdy.
  • ★ MATERIAL: Made form the highest quality ceramic porcelain that will never fade in colour.
  • ★ MEASUREMENTS: The Smith’s Octopus Mug can hold an impressive 400 ml, the height is 12 cm and diameter is 9 cm.
  • ★ CLEANING: Please wash your Smith’s Octopus Coffee Mug before use. Hand washing is recommended over dishwashing. This mug is not suitable for microwaves.
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: We are happy to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your first month after purchase! We believe in our Smith’s Octopus Coffee Mug and know you'll love it too, but if you have any issues whatsoever we'll refund your money promptly. No questions asked.
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