NeuroSky Puzzlebox Orbit Brain-Controlled Helicopter / MindWave Mobile Bundle

  • Price : 215.00

The Puzzlebox Orbit is a brain-controlled helicopter. This includes a NeuroSky mindWave StarterKit Headset. Operated with an EEG headset, users can fly the Orbit by focusing their concentration and clearing their mind. Colorful visuals and physical feedback help provide positive reinforcement while developing skills of attention and mental relaxation.

What makes the Puzzlebox Orbit truly unique however is the open release of all source code, hardware schematics, 3D models, and the step-by-step hacking instructions which are published freely online. Puzzlebox seeks to aid the pursuit of science and education by inviting its users to modify their products and make them their own.

This bundle includes the Puzzlebox Orbit Helicopter and a MindWave Mobile Brainwave Starter Kit by NeuroSky ? Everything you need to use the Orbit helicopter with the power of your brain!

  • Use your mind to control this RC helicopter - with this unique cutting-edge technology by Puzzlebox!
  • Easy to use via a dedicated app
  • EEG Neurofeedback results in direct helicopter control by your brain (your ability to focus and/or relax sets threshold for flight)
  • Everything you need to get started is here (a Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter, all required software and a MindWave Mobile EEG headset by NeuroSky)
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