mookaitedecor Lapis Lazuli Witches Runes Set,Healing Crystal Palm Stone Engraved Solomon Symbol for Meditation

  • Price : £14.99
  • Price : £14.99
  • Price : £14.99
  • Price : £14.99

Mini size for each polished stone approx 1.18" (30mm) in diameter,0.2" (6mm) in thickness;Weight: 45~55 gram/pack.Includes 5 pieces of rune semi precious stone and a black velvet gift bag.

The healing stone Solomon talisman will protect you from evil and wicked spirits in addition to the magic circle of Solomon that you have made around you.They will brought you peace of mind and clarity of thought by driving away negative energy.

  • The set consists of 9 symbolic runes.They are Venus,Mercury,Jupiter,Mars,Saturn.Representing riches, honour, prestige, wealth,love attraction,protection from injury, evil reverse,spirits & mind open.
  • Engraved stone rune set of 5,hand polishing and engraving with golden wiccan pagan symbol.The occult magic rune crystal set is an ideal choice for Wicca,altar or rituals.People believed to grant special powers and protection to those who carry or possess them.
  • Made of natural Lapis Lazuli, fully polished and smooth,fine craftsmanship,gorgeously detailed. Mini size for each polished stone approx 1.18" (30mm) in diameter,0.2" (6mm) in thickness; Weight: 53 gram/pack.Includes 5 pieces of rune protection stone and a black velvet gift pouch.
  • Solomon witch runes are circule energy amulet/occult talisman,possess metaphysical powers of various sorts.They are used for spiritual guidance and protection,divination, reiki chakra healing,crystal grid,positive energy enhance.These protective stones also can be used as pocket stones or worry stones.
  • Due to the natural crystals and hand carved stones,the pictures are only for your reference,the texture and color of stones you received will slightly vary from the picture shown.
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