Healing Crystals India®: Natural Gemstone Semi Precious Stone Tiger Eye Pyramid Feng Shui Reiki Healing Energy Charged Pyramid 40-50mm Free 135PAGES E-Book

  • Price : 13.99

Tigers eye irradiates gentle, soft vibrations that promote peace and calm, even in the times of great changes and disturbances. It is especially suited for meditation where it increases courage, determination, alertness, patience, brings positive energy and relives depression. It can promote unity, self-integration and autonomy; as well as enhance life energy by controlling the sexual and emotional energy In human terms, the qualities of patience and right timing are related to the ability of obtaining material objects or other non-material qualities that we want our life to be filled with. The golden color represents higher ideas and spiritual values, while the brown color relates to the manifestation of energies on the earth plane. Thus, tigers eye helps in manifestation of spiritual ideas on the physical plane. Also, it increases the self-confidence, and reassures our own ability to realize our dreams. In meditation this stone is most frequently used when placed on the navel center - Manipura chakra, whose colors are golden and yellow. By staring into this stone, we are able to reach insights of both

  • Healing Crystals India Product, Include Authenticity Certificate
  • Free 135 Pages E-book about Crystal Healing, On Request
  • Individually Reiki Energy Charged & Generates Powerful Positive Energy
  • Reverses the negative EMF radio waves emitted by your Cell Phone, TV, Microwave, Computer etc. You can feel an increase in the orgone coming out when on top of a running TV or Microwave.
  • Return Is Not Accepted After 48 Hours Of Delivery
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